What if stress relief, time management and self-care felt easy?


Daily Do-ables: Creative Stress Solutions For Busy Women takes a less-is-more approach to stress relief and self-care.

You can’t drop everything and take a vacation every time you feel overworked or overwhelmed. What you can do is adopt effortless ways to create a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy 52-weeks of effective solutions, ideas and strategies, pared down to their essence. These bite-sized bits of support are adorned with fine art photographs to help you feel a sense of “ahhh” the moment you lay eyes on each page.

Give yourself the support you need for a happier, and less stress-filled lifestyle. 


What you’ll get…

  • Simple, nurturing ways to prevent everyday stress
  • Easy overall lifestyle upgrades (to gain stress resiliency)
  • Fresh tips for increasing joy, energy and overall well-being
  • Undemanding revitalization tips and tools
  • Effortless improvements to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
    … all requiring just moments a day!

How do you want your " Do-ables?"

DD Book Cover

Daily Do-ables: Creative Stress Solutions for Busy Women
Digital Ebook

Worried you may lay the book on a shelf and forget it? Choose this elegant way to support yourself. Have your “Do-ables” come to you each week for an entire year.
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Daily Do-ables: Creative Stress Solutions for Busy Women
Book (and Kit)

Due to publishing issues, the book is currently unavailable.




Slow down long enough to invite balance back in before burn-out arrives…


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